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The main purpose of the EURO Pharm Group is to give everyone the opportunity to maintain and strengthen their health, to improve their quality of life and to use natural, effective, high quality and modern medicines.

Our advantages

Prices of the goods

The prices of many medicines and products on the euro-pharm-group.com website are lower than the average price in pharmacies. Since we work directly without intermediaries or resellers, the goods ordered on euro-pharm-group.com come directly from our warehouse to you.

Promotions and discounts

With euro-pharm-group.com you can really save money! Manufacturers of goods and pharmaceuticals hold a permanent campaign together with our company - The more medicines you buy, the more discount you get (the discount can be as low as -50%) The discount is determined by the number of identical medicines you buy.


In the EURO Pharm Group (EPG), quality was raised to the level of the corporate ideology. The company has a special unit - the Directorate of Pharmaceutical Control, which supervises compliance with the requirements for the approval of products and all rules for storage and transport of pharmaceuticals. This means that our customers receive effective, safe and high-quality medicines.

Rapid delivery

In every region of Germany, an order is most often delivered the next day! The maximum delivery time is only three days. As soon as you place an order on the euro-pharm-group.com website, information about it is sent to our system. The order is immediately processed by the warehouse employee and sent to you.

Compare and choose!

Searching on euro-pharm-group.com is easy and convenient. We have medicines that match the same prescription but with different names and manufacturers. Each product is described and you can compare prices, composition and action without leaving your home and order what you like more and what suits you better.


We process, store and deliver orders in accordance with all legal requirements.


After receipt of the product, no indication is given anywhere on the packaging as to what type of medicine it is and that delivery is from a pharmacy. We take care of the confidentiality of our customers.

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