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In our mail order pharmacy you can buy sexual enhancers without a prescription. However, we always recommend our customers to consult a doctor before buying and taking the drugs.

There is a possibility to order different sexual enhancers, e.g. the famous Viagra Generika cash on delivery Germany. In this case you pay directly after receiving it from the postman. The cash on delivery fee is 14.90 euros and is only possible within Germany.

It is very convenient that you can order the sexual enhancers online. You do this without leaving the house, so you do not contact anyone and remain completely incognito.

You can take your time to familiarise yourself with our medicines on the website and choose the ones that suit you best. If you cannot decide or simply do not know what really helps you, we will always stay in touch.

Pills for erectile dysfunction are very individual for everyone. If medication does not help you, it does not mean that it is of poor quality. It means that the active ingredient is not suitable for you. Try other pills with a different active substance or a different dosage.

There are two options for potency drugs: original and generic drugs. The original is produced in factories of large pharmaceutical manufacturers which are located in Germany and are certified according to the international standard for the quality of production in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore one can be completely calm about the quality of the drugs produced in such plants. As far as generic medicines are concerned, they are produced in Finland. Nevertheless, generic medicines have the active ingredient which is identical to the original. The quality and efficacy of the tablets are comparable to the manufacturer’s drugs and must fully comply with international quality standards. Our mail-order pharmacy sells the medicines only at high quality. You can buy various potency drugs from us, for example the generics or the original Viagra Germany.

This is certainly one of the important questions when it comes to health. In order to find the right medication you need, you need to understand correctly what problems you want to solve in this area. It is also necessary to choose the right portioning. If you choose a low dosage or if you simply do not like an active substance, you will not get any effect. We have found a great solution: in order to find suitable pills, you can order a sample package from us. We are always happy to help you with this choice.

Generic drugs have the same active ingredient as the original. There are almost no differences between them. They have the excipients additionally like: vitamins, colourings, etc. Such additional substances often do no harm, but they do not bring any benefit either. They are added to make analogues different from brand name drugs.